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According to ancient Ayurveda cow ghee is full of essential nutrients, fatty acids, antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-oxidants and antiviral properties. It is cool, sweet and full of saturated fat. You can add 2 teaspoon of it on your cooked food during lunch or dinner or you can use it in cooking. If the ghee is in solid state then warm it for some time till it become liquid. Keep in mind that if cow ghee is very old then it is more effective and costly.

If you ever have heard anything bad about cow ghee, please forget that for a moment and read the following. Ghee is probably the most sacred, spiritual and physically health benefiting substances that is ever known to human beings. A person who is allergic to dairy products or gluten, need not be allergic to ghee. If you fail to consume ghee, there are so many ways it can be used for skin, nasal drops, enema etc.

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